God gives us so many gifts each day,
The wonder of some gets lost along the way.
All the beauty of the earth and sky,
Is taken for granted as our lives fly by.

Blessings uncounted are usually the best.
We sometime thank for some and forget the rest.
We sometime thank for our family and health,
We sometime thank for our worldly wealth.

Today thank God for this beautiful earth.
Today thank God for the miracle of birth.
Today thank God for hearing and seeing,
Today thank God for loving and feeling.

If God chooses to take one blessing from you,
You'll find He always replaces it with one that's new.
When you think, you have lost it all,
Remember on whose name you can call.

Jesus Christ died so that we may live.
That's the biggest blessing He could give.
When you think all of your blessings are ending,
Greater love, mercy, and forgiveness He is sending.

Being thankful is such an easy thing to do.
Being thankful is easy when you think of what He did for you.
Today slow down, look around, and look above,
Today look up and remember His undying love.

By Judy Parker
November 27, 2003

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