I have a couple of writings left that didn't fit into the other categories. I wrote these to my pastor. I have never met anyone like him and probably never will until I get to heaven. Under his leadership, my life was forever changed. I know there are many of you who feel the same way about your pastor. Therefore, I dedicate these verses to all the mighty men (or women) of God who point us is the right direction every day. I know from doing the small amount of research I did when writing my devotionals that you all do extremely hard work every week preparing for your sermons. Thanks. God bless you all. May He give you a fresh word today that will encourage someone to keep on keeping on, pressing toward the prize set before us all.


P icked by God
A nswers to God
S anctified by God
T rust in God
O rdained by God
R edeemed by God


P ut God first
A ttain acceptance of unaccepting people
S ay enough without saying too much
T rain ungrateful people to be grateful
O n call always and that means ALWAYS!
R eceive criticism even after you have given your all


P aid vacations if you pay for them yourself
A ssistance furnished when begged for
S mile always dental plan (smile even when you don't feel like it)
T he keys to a car that you pay for yourself
O vertime guaranteed (overtime pay not guaranteed)
R emembered by God and a lot of people who love
and appreciate you every day

Honor to the cheerleader

We cheer for our favorite sports team.
Why not cheer for the Holy trinity team?
We cheer for our child.
Why not cheer that we are His child?
We cheer for worldly wealth.
Why not cheer for riches eternal?
We cheer for victories in this world.
Why not cheer for victories over this world?
We cheer when life is good going our way.
Why not cheer in the valley?
Things seem bad as He pulls us back His way.

What Should I Call You?

I just can't imagine being you.
How is it you do all the things you do?
Are there days you wish to step out of those pastor shoes?
Are there times you wonder if this battle you will lose?

Some of us call you Pastor or Brother.
Some of us just go and ask your mother.
Some are bold and call you by your given name.
Some just call you the "preacher" of television fame.

You are a servant, yet a warrior.
You are a defendant, yet a lawyer.
You are an orator strong and bold.
You are a listener to each of your fold.

You are a shepherd, yet a mere lamb.
You are a hero, yet a mere man.
You are the one we call when trouble is near.
You are the one who makes confusion seem clear.

You are a counselor to those with a broken heart.
You teach how to build up and how to tear apart.
You are an advisor to the strong and to the weak.
You are an encourager to the lowly and the meek.

To your family you are a husband, dad and son.
To your flock you are many things rolled into one.
In these lines I have only named a few of your roles
The most important of all, you are a winner of lost souls.

Judy Parker
October 15, 2004


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