Jesus Misplaced

Easter morning my grandson decided to ride to church with us instead of his mom and dad. He was dressed for Easter including the tie that he just didn't want to wear. He was very excited about all his Easter goodies and the egg hunt later that day with all his cousins. From the back seat came none stop talk of egg dye, chocolate candy, and bunnies. He is six years old and you know when they are six they can come up with some questions. When we were about halfway to church, my grandson asked why was it that we had to go to church on Easter. We should have stayed home and got the egg hunt and the cook out under way.

I quickly told the Easter story, (the version for six year olds). He listened and told me he already knew all that and still couldn't wait to hunt those eggs. I know as he grows older he will learn to appreciate the miracle of this cherished holiday. Our Jesus is alive; He arose from that cold tomb to live forever more. I told my grandson how Mary Magdalene had come to the tomb that morning so long ago and found that Jesus wasn't there. As I had told the story, I, myself, begin to remember little things I hadn't really thought about lately.

I begin to wonder just what Mary must have felt like that day. She had watched her Jesus, who had delivered her from seven demons, crucified and buried in a tomb. She was in deep grief that morning as she went to anoint his body with spices. When she saw the stone rolled away and realized that Jesus wasn't there, she must have indeed remembered what He had told her He would rise from the dead on the third day and would always be with her. As she left the tomb that day I wonder did she realize she hadn't lost her Jesus, He had only temporarily been misplaced from her sight. Mary got so busy preparing those spices, so busy walking and talking with the other Mary, so busy grieving and feeling sorry for herself, that she forgot what He taught her and misplaced her faith in His promises. He promised always to be with her no matter what tragedy came along, no matter how caught up she might become in her everyday life.

Today have you misplaced your Jesus? Don't forget all the things He has delivered you from. Don't forget all the promises He made to you. When you think all is lost, when you think you have lost Him, check inside of your heart. Perhaps you simply misplaced Him beneath your problems, beneath your everyday life. If you always put Him first, ahead of everything, you will always find Him just where you saw Him last, just where you talked with Him last. He indeed is risen. He indeed is alive. It is our job to make sure we always keep Him first in our lives. Don't misplace the importance of your Jesus on Easter or on any other day Keep Him where you can easily find Him.

By Judy Parker




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