A Light Touch

Someone tapped me on my shoulder yesterday.
I felt the light touch and turned their way.
I turned to find who had something to say to me,
The person standing there, I was very surprised to see.

There was a woman, very feeble and old,
She wasn't having a good day I was told.
She asked might I have a dollar to spare.
That was all she needed, just bus fare.

I smiled and searched my purse for a dollar or two.
I handed her the money and said, "God bless you".
Her face seemed to light up a little then,
She said, "I'll pay you back someday, thanks again".

I went down the street to the grocery store,
I had to buy bread, milk, and a little more.
I was in the check out line, hoping to get home before night,
Just then I felt a tugging on my shirt ever so light.

I looked back to find a little blonde haired girl,
She said,"Ma 'am, I wouldn't want to bother you for the world,
But you see my Mom is sick at home in bed,
And I came to buy some aspirin for her head".

"I only have a dollar, fifty three,
Would you be so kind as to give the rest to me?
I'll pay you back someday when a job I can find,
If you don't have it now just never mind."

I reached in my purse for the second time,
I took out two nickels, six quarters, and a dime.
I placed it in her hand and said, "I hope this will do,
Don't worry about paying me back, may God bless you".

I paid for my food and headed for home,
I wondered if that old lady lived all alone.
I wondered if that child would live to grow old,
I prayed they both had a warm place out of the cold.

I got to my home and sat in my chair,
I was so happy to be alive, be safe, be there.
I took off my shoes and rested my feet,
It was so nice to have such a comfy seat.

As I sat I said thanks Lord Jesus for all the little things,
Thanks for chairs with comfy cushions, and shoes with strings.
God bless those two you placed in my path today,
I pray to you some day they’ll find their way.

Just then I felt a tapping on my shoulder ever so light,
No one was there, just day turning to night.
Just then I heard a voice speak so very clear.
My child, they saw me today when you came near.

As you handed them that money and gave a smile,
Jesus was standing before them all the while.
Thanks for being my hands and feet today,
You'll meet those two again whom you didn't turn away.

You see when you took the time to help the old and the young,
It was actually me you were helping, I was the one.
As they saw me in you, it was also me, to whom you gave a hand,
All acts of kindness are done unto me when you do them unto man.

By Judy Parker
April 26.2004




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