My chains are gone

I've been set



John 8:36 -  

If the Son therefore 

shall make you free, 

ye shall be free indeed. 







I began putting  my writing on this site in 2002.  This site is now divided into nine different sub sites. I am confident on some of these pages you will find the encouragement you need from God's Word.  Bookmark and come back often to read awhile.  Thank you so much for visiting... May God Bless you.


~Site 1~

Newest Writing


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~Site 2~

"Just Poetry" 

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~Site 3~

"Weekly Word"

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~Site 4~

Short Devotional Stories for Church Bulletins

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~Site 5~

Very Short Morning Devotionals

"Morning Minute"

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~Site 6~

"Moving Forward"

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  ~Site 7~

"It Is Time"

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~Site 8 ~

"Run With The Word!"

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To visit the original

~Site 9~

Deliverable Devotionals Pages

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To purchase poetry written just for you...

~Site 10~

Personalized Poetry by Judy Parker

Personalized for birthdays, weddings, eulogies and other occassions

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May God Bless You Today!!



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